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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can’t I upload my artwork to my order/quote?
There could be one of two things preventing you from uploading your artwork to the site. One issue could be that the file is too large to upload and if this is the case you should get a message in red letting you know the file exceeds the sites limits. If this happens, please email us the artwork to support@usdigitizing.com and it would be best to put a note in the order/quote letting us know you emailed the artwork because you were unable to upload it. The Second issue that will keep you from uploading artwork will be that you forgot to mark/select something in the required fields, (Project Name, Garment Type, Location Site &Turnaround) please make sure you have something selected for these fields and the system should let you proceed to upload your artwork. If you still have issues, please do not hesitate to use our Live Chat option on the website or give us a call.
Why was my credit card charged?
Upon signing up for an account with U.S. Digitizing and putting a credit card on file, you agreed to the ”Terms and Conditions” as well as the “Privacy Policy” set forth by our company. In doing so, you are allowing U.S. Digitizing to charge your credit card on file once your digitized files have been completed.
What is the difference between an Edit and a Revision?
An edit is a correction to the digitizing file for a quality purpose or perhaps a color change is needed. A revision usually occurs when the original design/artwork is changed in any way after the design has been digitized to match the provided artwork. Edits are normally free, whereas a revision may constitute a new charge to make the requested changes, which prior approval is obtained before the revision is done.
Will bad artwork delay my order?
Yes, if bad artwork submitted or if a previous sew-out is provided as artwork, this may delay the digitizing turnaround. Clean vector art is always best, but we can work off of just about anything, it will just delay the digitizing process as we may have to send the logo to our art department, so that clean vector art can be created for the digitizer to work off of.
Do we use stock fonts?
No, we do not use any typeset or stock fonts as part of our digitizing process. All orders are digitized by hand by one of our experienced digitizers.
Why is the file I downloaded from the site not opening correctly?
The files we give you are ready to go and when you download the file directly from the site, you should then take it directly to your machine. If you try opening our files with your software, your preset software settings will take over and corrupt the file we provided to you on the site and will not sew correctly. If you alter the files we provide in anyway, we cannot guarantee the quality of the sew out as we have no control over your software settings. If you need a color change or need the design sized within 10-15%, we will gladly make those changes for you.
How long are my designs housed on your site?
As with any storage facility, it costs money to store your belongings and it works the same for data. As long as your account is current, meaning you have done an order with us in the last 6 months we will gladly host your files on our site. So as long as your account is in good standing and you frequently put in orders, your previous orders will be available to you through your account.
What types of art files do we accept?
We currently accept the following list of files types: doc, pdf, xls, jpg, dst, exp, ai, eps, ngs, gif, emb, docx, xlsx, cdr, bmp, tif, zip, psd.
What to do if your artwork file type is not listed?
If the file type you posses is not listed, please contact our support department and we will be happy to work with you and your specific artwork.
PayPal Billing
PayPal is a trusted leader in online payments. We provide the option to use PayPal for clients who have PayPal accounts or would prefer to pay with their credit card through the PayPal system.
Automatic Credit Card Billing
Some clients prefer not to enter their credit card information for every transaction and so we offer automatic credit card billing. You can enter your credit card information into your account and we will bill your card once your order is completed and your files are ready. Your private credit card data is very important to us and we employ industry standards and methods for keeping your payment information secure if you choose to use our auto credit card billing option. We use 256 bit SSL https security for any pages on the site where you enter credit card data. Also, your credit card number is encrypted and stored in our secure database. Our website is audited by a third party company to ensure it meets the PCI Data Security Standards.
Does US Digitizing offer terms?
We like to rely more heavily on a per design basis, however we understand that for our high volume, well established clients, terms may be more convenient option. Terms will be setup on a case by case basis, at our owner’s discretion
Will US Digitizing share my information with others?
No. We will not use your information for any purposes other than contact about your account or design requests. We do not sell or provide any of the information including email and physical addresses to any outside parties.
Support Ticket System
What is the Support Ticket system purpose?
Once you have signed up for an account, you will have access to our Order Administration system. If you have any problems using the system, you can submit a support ticket in the Support area. We have provided that area for you to report any improper behaviors within the website. This allows us to keep our website updated in real time, and to correct any issues that may arise during your account usage.
How do I request a Support Ticket?
Once you have logged into your account, you will see a link in the upper area of your account, simply click on New Ticket, and fill out the support ticket form.
Embroidery Files
What embroidery formats do you provide?
Us Digitizing does not digitize in one particular program, which allows us to provide a vast array of embroidery formats. Some of more popular format types we provide are the following: DST, EMB, EXP, NGS, MLS, CND, BARUDAN, TAJIMA, HAPPY, ZSK, PES, HUS, JEF, XXX. If you do not see your file type listed please let us know so that we can make sure that we can output to your specified machine.
How do we receive our files?
Once your design is complete, you will receive an email with a link to you design. From this point you will be directed to your invoice at which time PayPal will accept your payment. Once payment has been made your embroidery files will appear attached to the original order. You can click directly on the file and save them to your desired location.
How do we receive our Sew-Outs?
US Digitizing provides you with a pdf virtual sew-out of your designs. We find that these are the most effective way to portray your sewn out designs. These are also much easier to forward via email to your embroiders and customers. These virtual pdf sew- outs may reflect unevenness within some of the lettering, however this is due to push-pull compensation.
What is Push-Pull compensation?
When digitizing a design, we have to account for movement within your hooped fabric. In order to do this we will over compensate certain letters to allow for them to appear straight on your particular garments. The virtual pdf sew out may appear uneven; however we assure you that is will not appear that way when sewn.
Do you charge for edit requests?
No. U.S Digitizing is determined to provide you with the best possible embroidery file for your specific application. We consider edits to be corrections to the digitizing for quality purposes. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of your design, we will work with you to correct the problem. However, if you need a change to a design that is not quality related and requires new digitizing after the fact, there may be a charge to make the changes. We will notify you up front if any additional cost is necessary before making these kind of changes.
What is the Free Design of the Month?
We value you as our customer, and realize that not every customer that walks in your door knows exactly what they are looking for. We have provided an area within your account that contains free downloadable stock designs that may assist you with your customers. These designs are free of charge, and a new design is provided each month.
What if I need to retrieve previously digitized files?
Once you log into your account you can access any previously digitized designs by selecting View All Orders. All of your files will remain on our server and you will have full access to retrieve them at anytime. There is no time limit on the availability of your designs. Our servers are constantly backed up, so there is no need to worry that you would lose any designs.
Pricing Structure
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